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With Akronia Valley's Aronia Berry products. Where exceptional quality and choice comes from our farms to your table.

Don't Just Take Our Word

In the last 20 years, scientific studies show how the Aronia Berry provides power to our bodies!

The aronia berry has proven to be one of nature's most powerful antioxidant foods. The small dark berries are packed with nutrients and antioxidants.



Aronia Berry Juice & immune support

Austin E., Texas

Our family absolutely loves Akronia Valley's pure aronia berry juice and gummies. We feel better physically and mentally it helps knowing that the aronia berry is the #1 antioxidant fruit in the entire world! I highly recommend you try their aronia berry products for yourself

Aronia Berry Joint Health

Katie M., Minnesota

Being an Athlete, I had experienced injuries, specifically knee surgeries. With taking Aronia Juice I felt it improved my joint health!  Now I take it pre and post work-out to help me with recovery rate!

Oh and the gummies...TASTE AMAZING! How can something healthy taste so good!

Aronia Berry Anti-aging

Joy S., Arizona

I'm 87 years old and love it when my doctor praises me during my annual women physical! 

I can’t think of anything I have done different these past years than faithfully adding pure aronia juice to my daily routing, I am physically & mentally active, social & clear!

Aronia Berry Juice blood health

Jake S., New York

I am always on the go, so adding aronia to my lifestyle has just been part of my routine! It's simple as 1-2-3! Take a shot in the morning, gummies mid-day and then a shot before bed! Aronia Juice and gummies keeps my energy up daily and helps me in preventing colds!  Thanks Akronia Valley for introducing me to aronia!

Aronia Berry Joint Health

Nick S., Arkansas

Within 10 weeks of drinking pure aronia juice faithfully, I saw many changes. I was sleeping longer; my mornings were more productive and my pain & swelling is minimal. This juice has helped support my daily life! 

Aronia berry and back pain

Ann H., California

Aronia berry juice has been a part of my daily routine for many years now. Why do I believe in its wonderful health benefits? It gives me daily relief from knee & lower back pain and I no longer need to depend on ibuprofen for relief!

Aronia Berry Gummies

Jennie M., South Dakota

Aronia berry gummies are a great way to supplement my aronia intake daily. Plus, they taste awesome! DOUBLE WIN!

Aronia berry juice and joint health

Gaylen T., Iowa

I have been drinking aronia juice for the past year and I have felt relieve in my knee joints, not being able to kneel or squat without pain before, I can now without much pain!

Aronia juice & blood health

Larry L., Iowa

Without changing my diet or exercise I started taking 1oz of aronia juice 4 times a day & my cholesterol, HDL, LDL & Triglycerides all went from being high to very good levels. It’s amazing what it will do for you!





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